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When are payments due and what payment methods do you accept?

Payment for private events is due on booking. Long term rentals for industrial sites are billed on an advanced billing system. Our accounting team will work with you on your billing needs. We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We also accept checks or money orders. Payments can be made over the phone by calling 843-754-7605.

After figuring out what unit or special event trailer that would fit my event needs, what else is needed to place an order?

 Contact name
 Mailing address
 Physical address (required if mailing address is a P.O. Box)
 Telephone number
 Location address
 Location telephone
 Product type (ex. Industrial unit, Flush unit, VIP unit)
 Quantity
 Options (ex. Sensor light, Sink)
 Delivery date
 Pick up date.

What are the basic rental types?

Construction, Seasonal, and Long-Term rentals are portable sanitation facilities placed on sites or locations that require regularly scheduled service. Special Events, Single Day/Weekend, and Wedding rentals are portable sanitation facilities placed on a site on a short-term basis that requires irregular or on-demand service.

What are the water and electrical requirements for your Special Event Restroom Trailers?

Water and Electric hook up must be within 50-75’ feet from the trailer’s location. If this is not available, we have water tanks and generators to offer at an additional charge.

Why use portable sanitation?

Health Benefits
Portable sanitation provides sanitation facilities where sewer and water hookups are not conveniently available, enhancing the health and environmental factors associated with a project or event.

Environmental Benefits
Portable sanitation conserves water by using only 6 gallons of clean water to contain the 30 gallons of waste generated by a 10-worker crew for one 40-hour workweek. The same personnel, using conventional water flush toilets, could waste up to 2,500 gallons of clean water needed to carry away the 30 gallons of waste they generate.

Construction Benefits
Portable sanitation provides significant labor savings by minimizing lost labor time associated with leaving a job site to use toilets. The average time needed to make an offsite restroom usage is 7 minutes including travel time. In “Provision of Sanitation Facilities at Construction Sites, a study done by The University of Missouri-St. Louis, contractors earned an 850% return on their investment in portable toilet facilities. Outdoor workers who appreciate clean toilets have higher productivity and morale. Assures site and building owners and investors that clean conditions are maintained on their property.

Special Event, Long-Term Benefits
Portable toilets are an ideal solution for where permanent restrooms are not feasible or to supplement their use. Temporary restrooms help eliminate the costs associated with building and maintaining permanent bathroom facilities. At outdoor events, portable toilets in adequate numbers will generate revenue for event organizers because spectators will stay longer. For a single day or weekend event, temporary restrooms can help accommodate guests at outdoor
parties and minimize traffic inside the home and alleviate stress on septic systems.

What is McGraw Event Pros Clean + Reliable guarantee?
  • When working with McGraw Event Pros, you can expect:
    • Your rental unit to be clean and functioning.
    •  Our service to be reliable and thorough.
    • All McGraw Event Pros employees to act in a courteous and professional manner.

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Do you have portable restrooms nice enough for a wedding?

Yes, our premium and luxury flushing portable restrooms, along with our special event restroom trailers, offer high-end design and comfort, perfect for the most special events.

Is there a way to wash your hands?

All our rental units include hand sanitizer dispensers. We also offer handwash stations for added cleanliness when needed.

Do you provide anything besides restrooms?

McGraw Event Pros also offers the following equipment for your event/project needs:
 Industrial Orange units safe for construction sites.
 Crowd control barricade bike racks
 Grey water holding tanks.
 Freshwater holding tanks.
 Pumps
 Single and Dual-sided hand wash stations

Do the toilet units have lighting?

Our portable restrooms are designed for places where there is no power or water. However, McGraw Event Pros can provide high-quality, battery-operated, temporary solutions that will serve your lighting needs. Just ask your sales or customer service representative for more information.

What if a unit is inaccessible for a McGraw Event Pros Technician to service?

If a unit can’t be properly serviced, our driver will notify the route manager, who will then reach out to the site contact to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Our customer service team is always available to handle issues and proactively work with clients to ensure that a high level of service and
support is being provided.

How far in advance should I book my reservation?

Reserve your portable toilet rental as far ahead as possible. While reserving a unit one week in advance is usually sufficient, warm weather, large events or peak times of year may necessitate earlier planning. McGraw Event Pros recommends that you make your reservation at least one month in advance whenever possible. For questions about timing or availability, please contact our customer service department.

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